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Farmhouse Sink: Trendy or Timeless?

Is the farmhouse sink trendy or timeless? Although still largely seen as traditional, the farmhouse has quickly become a popular fixture in modern homes as well.

This short guide will show you how this rustic sink has evolved through time. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen anytime soon, the list of pros and cons may help you decide whether it is worth buying or not.

Form and Function

The farmhouse sink is characterized by the deep design of its basin. Sometimes known as apron-front sinks, these kitchen fixtures were designed to hold copious amounts of water and wash large cooking tools. The basin is so deep that you can bathe a baby in it.

Farmhouse Sink Installation

A typical farmhouse sink is installed with the apron protruding beyond the cabinets below it. This design feature is meant to protect the cabinets. If the water starts to overflow, the liquid will fall straight to the floor instead of damaging the cabinets beneath the sink.
The width and depth of a farmhouse sink offers homeowners ample space for washing dishes and kitchen tools. On the other hand, farmhouse sinks are also bulky. Standard sinks weigh around 20 to 30 pounds while an apron-front type may weigh up to 100 pounds. If you intend to replace your standard sink with a farmhouse one, you will need to find a way to reinforce the supports around the sink.
Farmhouse sinks don’t come with holes for faucets. As a result, the faucet needs to be installed on the wall or counter. On the upside, if the sink ever gets damaged, you can take it out without the need to turn off the water mains. However, you will also need to pick the right type of faucet to go with your country style sink.


Farmhouse sinks were traditionally made out of porcelain or fireclay. During the 1920s, sinks forged out of cast iron, copper and nickel alloy became popular. Nowadays, you can find farmhouse sinks made out of stainless steel, concrete and stone as well. Farmhouse sinks also come in a wide range of available styles and textures to suit varying design needs.


Finally, going for a specific style can be expensive. With farmhouse sinks, expect to pay hundreds of dollars more than your standard type. Plus, you will need to consider the installation cost and other fees. Make sure to explore these expenses carefully before making your decision.

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