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Attracting home buyers with a beautiful kitchen

How to Prep Your Kitchen for Resale

To have an easier and faster time selling your home at the price you’re looking for, you need to invest some additional money and time to make it attractive for potential buyers. However, you can’t just focus on improving certain areas or features of your home; to catch the attention and interest of buyers, you need to make sure all the rooms are appealing and devoid of any issues or problems.

A key area of your house you have to pay attention to is the kitchen. This is one of the areas in a home that matters a lot to many interested buyers since it is highly likely they will spend a lot of time in this room.

If you will be putting your home in the market, here are some useful tips to successfully prep your kitchen for resale without shelling out a huge amount of cash:

Clean your kitchen.

Give your kitchen a good scrubbing and wipe-down. Vacuum the areas which you never used to clean before such as the spots behind the stove and refrigerator. Get rid of any clutter in the kitchen as well such as old cookbooks and food containers you never use. Make sure your kitchen is free from unpleasant smells such as the ones emanating from the garbage. Remove all garbage, recycling, and smelly pet-related items before showing your home. Keep in mind that nothing turns off a potential buyer faster than a bad smell.

If you don’t have the time to properly clean your kitchen, hire cleaning professionals to do the job for you. They will make sure your kitchen is sparkling clean and nice-smelling, too.

Make sure your kitchen faucets and plumbing system are working properly.

While cleaning the kitchen sink, check the faucet and pipes for leaks and clean these features as well. In case the water pressure is low or water leaks from the handle of your faucet, take the time to clean your faucet’s aerator. You can also remove lime or calcium buildup in the faucet by removing the aerator and using vinegar as a cleaning agent. In case there are leaks or you simply want to have the faucets and pipes replaced, it is best to call a professional plumber to avoid any further damage to your kitchen’s plumbing system.

Organize your kitchen cupboards and cabinets.

Interested buyers will take the time to look inside your cabinets and cupboards. If these storage features are overstuffed, it usually gives the impression that there isn’t enough storage space in your kitchen. As such, remove all excess and mismatched items and anything that simply doesn’t look good – even if you think you’ve hidden them well.

Make sure the kitchen windows are clean and clear.

Clean the kitchen windows inside and out. You will be surprised at the effect that clean windows can have on your kitchen (and in any room), especially during a sunny day. In case there are curtains or other types of treatments covering your windows, make sure they are clean as well or open them when you are showing your kitchen.

Consider having your kitchen painted.

Finally, aside from cleaning, giving your kitchen a new coat of paint will give it a new, crisp look. Consider having your kitchen painted in a hue that works with the color of your counters and cabinets. You can always stick with white if you don’t want to experiment with colors. In case your kitchen was recently painted, examine the walls and ceiling and touch up any flaws, even the smallest ones. Call Tureks plumbing today to help rebuild your kitchen!

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