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Tips on Adding a New Kitchen Island

Adding a Kitchen Island

Remodeling your kitchen can be a very exciting home improvement project. This is because most of the features you will want to have in this room have to be both functional and aesthetically appealing. As such, you will have to be a bit more thoughtful and creative when you want to improve your kitchen.

Adding a kitchen island is one of the smart kitchen renovation ideas you can consider today. A kitchen island is a very practical, convenient, and handy feature to have in the kitchen. This modern kitchen feature provides several benefits, which include:

  • It provides additional work space in the kitchen
  • It permits people to sit and eat in the kitchen without anyone getting in the way of the person working in the room
  • It removes the need for a table in the kitchen
  • Lastly, it can serve as the focal point or feature in the kitchen, mainly because of its position in the middle of the room. When it is designed properly, guests will definitely be impressed by this feature

Initial Considerations When Choosing a New Kitchen Island

Once you have decided that a kitchen island is the best (and smartest) new feature to have, you need to think about certain important factors to make sure you get the ideal one for your home. These key factors are:

Kitchen Island Size.

Your kitchen island should be the right size for your kitchen space. It has to be big enough to double as your working and dining space but not so large that people will have trouble walking, cooking, and moving around once it is installed. A good rule of thumb to remember when having a kitchen island installed is to ensure that there should be at least 36 inches of clearance on all sides of the fixture.


When choosing which shape to go for, consider the size of your kitchen and the primary use of the island. Aim for a shape that works with the current design of your kitchen and one that is convenient for you and everyone who will regularly use it.

The island’s countertop material 

Kitchen islands can be made of different materials; it’s the same with the countertop. Some of the most popular countertop materials today include wood, granite, marble, quartz, and soapstone. When choosing the material, consider the other fixtures in your home so that it doesn’t clash with the current design. Opt for a material that is durable, long-lasting and low maintenance as well. Lastly, consider the size of your doorway because if the countertop is too big, you will have a hard (and even impossible) time to get it inside the kitchen.

Features and amenities.

Lastly, determine how many drawers and cabinets you want the island to have. Keep in mind that the kitchen island is the perfect way for you to add features to your kitchen that is lacking, such as drawers, or other things that will make your life just a little bit easier, such as hooks for hanging towels or even a built-in microwave. To ensure your island is amenable to seating, consider the type of stools or chairs you plan to use and make sure the feature can accommodate the proper height and legroom requirements. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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