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Should You DIY a Kitchen Remodel? A Fox Valley Plumber Weighs In

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Should You DIY a Kitchen Remodel?

Should I DIY my kitchen remodel project? That is a fairly common question homeowners ask. There is no simple answer to this question. You must account for your personal circumstances in order to arrive at the best decision.


Why DIY-ing has become popular

Why have DIY projects become more popular in recent years? There are plenty of possible answers to this phenomenon.

One major factor influencing this trend is the steep cost of labor. In many projects, the cost of labor is considerably higher than the cost of the materials, driving homeowners to look for other options, including DIY.

Additionally, there are plenty of resources currently available that DIY-ers can utilize. Unlike before when knowledge and expertise were handed down by a master to his apprentice, today you can watch a video, download an e-book, or read a blog post, and you’ll get detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do something.

Finally, there’s the unique sense of achievement and ownership you get from knowing that you created something with your own hands.


When DIY is not a better option

However, not all projects are suitable for the average individual. How do you know if you should DIY a project or call in an expert? Here are three scenarios.

  • The tasks involved serious risks


Simply put, if you do not want to risk the safety of your loved ones and your property, you need to hire someone who can perform the job safely.

  • Messing up will cost you more


When you commit mistakes with small projects, you can chalk those up to experience. But when correcting your mistakes leads to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in costs, then you better call in the professionals.

  • Your home’s value is at stake


For larger projects like a kitchen remodel, you have to be aware of the impact of the final outcome on the value of your home.

  • The project requires a permit


When a project requires a permit, that often means that it is too complicated and difficult to tackle for someone with minimal experience.


Should you DIY your kitchen remodel?

If you have above average skills and if you are confident that you can produce the best outcomes, and you are not worried about the potential added costs, perhaps you can consider going the DIY route with the remodel. However, you still have one hurdle to face: getting a building permit.

For most homeowners, it makes better sense to enlist the help of a seasoned Fox Valley plumber. Remember, you are not simply paying for someone to do a set of tasks for you. You are paying for expertise, time savings and quality work.

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