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Kid-Friendly Activities for Quarantine 

kid-friendly activities during quarantine - Fox Valley PlumberFun Activities Kids Can Do During Quarantine

We’re living in challenging times, but it’s times like this where we need to come together as a community. At Tureks Plumbing, we’re taking necessary measures to protect our employees and our customers. If you have a plumbing emergency contact us at. If you have a non-plumbing necessity, like picking up your groceries, we’re here for you. Just give us a call and let us know how we can help.

Many of us have a lot more time on our hands due to the mandatory shelter-in-place. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or uneasy at this time, know that it’s perfectly normal. Social distancing does not mean we can’t have fun, so let’s make the best of it! Those who are at home with little ones may be running out of things to do, which is why our team has put together a list of fun, affordable, kid-friendly activities for quarantine.  


Studies have shown that there are many benefits to coloring. Some benefits include reducing stress and anxiety while improving sleep and focus. So, if you’re feeling more anxious than normal, download and print these fun coloring pages! You and your kiddo can color together. Feel free to share a picture of your beautiful artwork on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us!


Puzzles are a great way to kill time with the whole family. Some puzzles range from 20 to 1,000+ pieces! We asked our friends at Gilmore Heating & Air, a Sacramento HVAC company, for puzzle recommendations. The HVAC professionals recommend smaller Disney themed puzzles for the little ones and bigger, more educational puzzles for the older kids. There are so many different puzzles to choose from! There are puzzles of animals, Disney characters, well-known cities, history, art, etc. Order puzzles from Amazon or Target and make it a goal to complete a puzzle every week.


The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 hours of moderate-intensity physical activity a week to prevent disease and improve quality of life. When we break that down, it comes out to 30 minutes of exercise, five days a week. Luckily, being stuck at home all day means more time for exercise! Our friends over at Headwaters Construction Inc., a NorCal commercial construction company, recommends the following workout! Get the whole family to do 10 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, 10 high-knees, 10 crunches, and 10 squats. Repeat these exercises 3-4 times. Completing this quick circuit is a great way to get the blood flowing and burn off some of the kid’s energy. You can even get creative and have a push-up or crunch challenge. The winner recieves a special prize of your choice!

Science Project 

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable science project, grab a few liters of your favorite sodas and a pack of Mentos. This science project is a little messy, so we suggest going outside. Once you’re outside, have your kids uncap the different liters of soda and space them about five to ten feet apart. Next, take one or two Mentos and drop it into the soda bottle one at a time. Watch to see how each soda reacts to the Mentos. Enjoy!

We hope that you and your family are staying safe at this time. Although we’re not together, we’re not alone. We hope you enjoy these fun activities! Don’t forget to share pictures or videos of your favorite activities on Facebook or Instagram. Tag us at @tureksplumbingservices and we’ll reshare them to our Tureks community. For emergency plumbing services contact Tureks Plumbing today!

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