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How to Clean Your Dishwasher

How to clean your dishwasher - Tureks Plumbing Services

How to Clean Your Dishwasher

You may become increasingly uncomfortable about using utensils that have been cleaned in a smelly dishwasher, and you may be wondering what you can do to fix the problem. The experts at Tureks Plumbing Services share some simple tips and tricks that you can implement to get rid of dishwasher odors.

Scrub the Dishwasher

The drain filter is the most likely cause of the smells coming from your dishwasher. Access this component by removing the bottom rack of the dishwasher and then twist the filter until it comes out of its position. Use a brush to scrub it thoroughly so that all food particles are dislodged from it. Fox Valley plumbers also suggest that you scrub the door and the interior walls in order to eliminate any food particles that may be stuck there.

While at it, remove the gaskets on the dishwasher door and give them a scrub. The gaskets can trap food particles, and over time, those particles will start giving off a nasty smell. Tureks Plumbing Services reminds you to clean the dishwasher racks too. Remove them from the dishwasher and clean them from the sink. Scrub them thoroughly until they are spotless.

This thorough cleaning of the dishwasher is likely to get rid of the root cause of the smells. Our friends at Maid for Muddy Paws, who offers cleaning services in Katy Cypress, add that you are less likely to experience the same problem soon after.

Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

The white vinegar in your pantry can come to the rescue once odors start emanating from your dishwasher. Plumbers in Appleton, WI recommend that you place a cup of this vinegar on the upper rack of the dishwasher. Make sure your dishwasher is empty before you use this remedy. Next, run a full cleaning cycle. The vinegar will break up all the food particles that could have caused the smell.

The beauty of using vinegar is that its strong smell will quickly dissipate as your dishwasher dries once you open it. Similarly, the odors will also be long gone by the time the dishwasher dries.

For additional sanitization, sprinkle some baking soda over the entire bottom section of the dishwasher. A cup will suffice for this purpose. This time around, run the dishwasher at the hottest setting for the shortest time possible. The heat will make the baking soda to dissolve, and your dishwasher will be odorless at the end of that cleaning cycle.

Refer to the User Manual

Another way to get rid of the odors coming from your dishwasher is by reading the troubleshooting section of its manual. Fox Valley plumbers recommend this step because all manufacturers include specific steps that you can take if you notice odors coming from your dishwasher.

For example, the drain hose may be partially blocked, hence trapping water there and triggering smells with time. Improper drain hose installation can also gradually trigger odors since water from the sink can back up into the drain and remain stagnant there until odors develop. Tureks Plumbing Services, therefore, suggests that you read the troubleshooting chapter and take the suggested steps if the dishwasher remains smelly after you have cleaned it using the methods described earlier.

An electrical problem can also trigger an odor to come from the dishwasher, especially when there is a poor connection. Check the junction box under the door of the dishwasher. Call an expert, such as an electrician, if you suspect that an electrical defect may be responsible for the odor.

It may be time to involve the experts at Tureks Plumbing Services if the smells remain even after you have tried the solutions above. A clog may be further along the drain, and our plumber will locate it in no time. Schedule a service call today so that the inconvenience of the dishwasher odor can be eliminated.

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