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Common Touchless Faucet Problems

touchless faucet problems - tureks plumbing srvices

Common Touchless Faucet Problems

Are you considering installing touchless faucets in your home? Read on and discover some of the common issues that these kinds of faucets have so that you make an informed decision about buying and installing touchless faucets.

Touchless Faucet’s High Initial Cost

Touchless faucets use advanced technology to operate, and this technology makes the initial cost of the faucets to be high. They are certainly more expensive than the traditional faucets unless you consider the high-end versions of the traditional faucets. This high cost is also compounded by the technical help you will need to install the touchless faucet. The device requires an electrical connection in order to power the sensors upon which the faucet depends for its operation. That installation cost adds to the total cost of acquiring the touchless faucet.

Fixed Settings on Touchless Faucets

Some models of touchless faucets don’t come with a provision that allows you to customize the settings for the user. For example, many of the touchless faucets are designed to dispense only warm water. This means that you will be stuck with those settings, whether they are suitable for your needs or not. However, experts at Tureks Plumbing Services reveal that some newer models of touchless faucets some with a remote control unit or other ways through which a user can tweak the settings.

Energy Consumption

Touchless faucets either use batteries or are connected to the electricity supply in your home. You need to be mindful about how the faucet is powered as you select a model to buy. For example, some battery-powered touchless faucets use rechargeable batteries while others use batteries that need to be replaced periodically. Generally, the rechargeable batteries are a better option since they will save you from incurring a cost to replace the batteries from time to time.

Plumbers in Appleton, WI also reveal that touchless faucets that use electricity are becoming more common. However, these versions impose an extra load on your power supply, so your energy bill will increase when you opt for this type of touchless faucet. Any power outage also means that you will not have access to water when you try to use the faucet.

Accidental Activation of Touchless Faucets

People who have pets and young children may need to think carefully before buying and installing touchless faucets in the home. This is because pets and kids can unintentionally activate the faucet. For instance, pets may walk into the path of the sensors and cause the faucet to activate and discharge water. This not only wastes water but power as well.

Fox Valley plumbers also caution that young kids can also create a game out of activating the touchless faucet. Therefore, homeowners need to teach the kids to refrain from misusing the touchless faucets in the home.

Sensor Malfunctions on Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets can become unreliable as their sensors age or get exposed to environmental challenges, such as dust. Any malfunction of the sensors means that the faucet will not work. Talk to a plumber in Appleton, WI for recommendations of the most reliable brands of touchless faucets. We will also advise you regarding how easy it may be to get replacement parts for the model you wish to buy.

The common problems above should not discourage you from buying touchless faucets for your home. Touchless faucets make things easy and are simple to use. Always do your research before making a purchase you’ll have to use every day. Involve our experts at Tureks Plumbing Services so that we can help you to select and install these devices correctly. Only then will you be able to enjoy the water conservation, superior hygiene and all the other benefits that accrue from using touchless water faucets.

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