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7 Signs You Need to Replace Your Sump Pump

Signs You Need to Replace Your Sump Pump - Tureks Plumbing Services7 Signs You Need to Replace Your Sump Pump

The sump pump in your basement plays a crucial role in evacuating any water leaks into this lowest point in your home. However, this trusted equipment can fail and result in serious water damage to your property. It is therefore advisable for you to educate yourself about some of the warning signs of a possible sump pump failure so that you can take action in time to avert a disaster. Here are the top signs that Tureks Plumbing Services advises you to watch for in order to replace your sump pump before the worst happens.

Types of Sump Pumps

Submersible Sump Pumps: Submersible pumps are submerged inside the sump pit. They are designed to withstand water damage while submerged in the pit. One major advantage of submersible sump pumps is that they operate noiselessly because the water surrounding them muffles any noise produced by the motor. Additionally, the motors of these pumps tend to be more powerful than those in pedestal pumps, and this makes them the best choice for locations where flooding is most likely to occur. The pumps are also out of the way, so you will not be inconvenienced as you rearrange things in your basement. However, the typical lifespan of submersible sump pumps is shorter than that of pedestal pumps.

Pedestal Sump Pumps: These pumps derive their name from the pedestal on which their motors sit above the sump pit. The pump has a hose that drops into the sump pit and the pump uses this hose to draw the water out. This pump is easier to service because the motor is in an accessible location outside the sump pit. However, plumbers in Appleton, WI say the pump isn’t as powerful as the submersible versions. So, you would be well advised to avoid installing this pump in your basement if the possibility of flooding is high in your area. Also, the pump can be an inconvenience while you rearrange things in your basement. Pedestal pumps are also noisy while operating.

Signs That Your Sump Pump Is Due for Replacement

1. Age

All machines eventually reach the end of their service life, and sump pumps are no different. Talk to a Fox Valley plumber about replacing your sump pump if it has exceeded seven years in service. This discussion is necessary because sump pumps rarely last beyond 10 years, so you are better off not taking chances with an aging pump.

2. Excessive Vibration

Sump pumps usually start vibrating when their impellers have been bent by debris that has been sucked into the pump. Bent impellers are no longer balanced on the shaft, so that throws the operation of the entire system out of whack. The strain caused by the imbalance of the forces exerted on the shaft is a recipe for serious pump problems later on. It is hard to straighten a bent impeller to its original dimensions, and that is why the best course of action to take is to replace the pump. Avoid this premature replacement by installing a filter to keep debris from being sucked into your sump pump.

3. Nonstop Operation

Switch malfunctions are the biggest cause of a sump pump that runs nonstop. For example, plumbers from Tureks Plumbing Services frequently find that the pump switch is unable to connect to the power source, thereby preventing the pump from cycling on. Alternatively, the float arm may be unable to move freely if the pump shifts within the sump pit. These switch defects account for a significant portion of sump pump defects.

A more serious problem that may prompt you to consider replacing the sump pump is if that pump keeps running nonstop when no other mechanical or technical defect can be identified. In such a case, the pump may have inadequate capacity to handle the load of water in your basement.

4. Visible Rust

Another reason why you should consider replacing your sump pump is when you see rust from this equipment. Rust could be coming from corroded terminals. Iron bacteria can also cause visible rust, so you should ask a plumber in Appleton, WI to take a look before you replace the pump prematurely.

5. Pump Runs for Abnormally Long

A properly sized pump normally runs for variable durations depending on how quickly water is accumulating in the sump pit. However, some pumps may run for an inexplicably long time before turning off. Such a scenario may point to the fact that the pump is undersized for the task at hand. For example, the water discharge network may have several bends that require a lot of power from the pump if the water is to flow through the pipes to the discharge point. Alternatively, the distance over which the pump is required to push the water may be so long that the pump could be straining to perform that task. The best option in such a case is to consult Tureks Plumbing Services so that an appropriately sized sump pump can be installed in the place of the undersized one.

6. Irregular Cycling

You should also have your pump checked if it keeps cycling irregularly. For example, does it start and run for just a few minutes, and then restart shortly after even when there hasn’t been any heavy rain? The float switch may be improperly set or there could be an electrical defect. A plumber in Appleton, WI can take a look and advise on the way forward, which may include replacing the pump.

7. Frequent Power Outages

It may also be necessary for you to consider replacing your sump pump if you have been having frequent power failures. Such incidents expose the electrical components of the sump pump to so much stress that the entire unit may soon fail. Install a surge protection system for your entire home and the sump pump before you procure a new pump.

It may be costly to replace your sump pump, but have you considered the likely cost of dealing with water damage to your property if the sump pump fails as a heavy bout of rain falls in your area? Don’t take that risk. Contact us at Tureks Plumbing Services for an assessment of the health of your sump pump. We shall fix what can be fixed or advise you to buy another pump if our experts realize that your existing pump can no longer be relied upon to evacuate water from your basement.

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