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Bathroom Renovation Tips From Your Trusted Plumber

Fox Valley Bathroom Remodel Company

Bathroom renovation tips for Appleton, WI property owners

As a homeowner in the fox valley area you ought to know bathroom renovation projects, can be complex. Without proper preparation, you can end up with a long list of woes from mold to budget problems stemming from additional work needed once the job has begun etc. If you want to avoid these issues during the remodel, here are some tips from a reputable plumber.

Choose the right bathroom tiles

If you lead a busy life and you have little time to spare for cleanup and maintenance, opt for easy-care tiles like porcelain and glazed tiles. Avoid natural stone tiles which can get stained easily. On the other hand, if you have children and elderly folks living with you, a non-slip floor is a must. Use tiles which have textured surfaces, sand containing glazes, or matte finishes. Sometimes the bathroom tiles you may like to look at are not the most functional. Practical is always best. 

Opt for an acrylic or hybrid formula caulk

These types of caulks can be easily removed without requiring the use of harsh chemicals. Plus, these contain mildewcide which can last up to five years or more. There is nothing worse than investing in a beautiful new bathroom sink or tum and discovering mildew stains less than a year later. Using a professional plumber to install your fixtures will ensure that you are getting professional grade caulk. 

Replace the wiring in your bathroom

If you live in an older home, its wiring may have gone through years of abuse. Consider upgrading the outlets and wiring to handle the appliance upgrades in your bathroom. Even if you are just upgrading the lighting, consider the quality of the wiring that you currently have in place. 

Make room for your toiletries

One great space-saving and organizing tip that you can use for the remodel of your bathroom is to have niches built-in strategic areas. These niches can be used to store toiletries while maximizing available space. A professional bathroom renovation company can make sure that you have a great mix of practical use of the space and style. 

Invest in a quality toilet

Trust us on this one. We are in the plumbing business and see old or poorly made toilets causing issues all over town. If you must splurge on at least one item, choose to invest in a toilet with a Maximum Performance testing (MaP) score of 500 or above. This type of toilet is highly efficient and can help you save on your water bills.

Consider your needs in selecting a sink

Each type of sink has its own set of pros and cons. For example, a pedestal sink can help you maximize available space but leaves little room for storage. Factor in your needs when shopping for a bathroom sink.

Use the right lighting for your vanity

Ceiling lights are often inadequate for lighting a vanity. For this purpose, it is a good idea to put a fixture, at about eye level, on either side of the vanity. Alternatively, you can use a long fixture placed above the mirror.

Use grout with a nonporous urethane formula

This type of formulation for grout may have a higher price tag, but the upside is that it does not crack easily, will not stain and requires no sealing. An experienced plumber will have this handy and help you with this. 

Heated floors

If you hate stepping on cold floors early in the morning, you can have radiant heat placed beneath the tiles. Invest in a programmable thermostat which will start heating the floor up even before you wake up. Radiant heat beneath the floor tiles in your home is certainly a luxury but can bring a little bit of joy to even the grumpiest person in your home each morning. Talk to your plumbing contractor about installing radiant heat while doing your floors

Upgrade your water heater

If you are adding a bathtub or multi-head shower to your bathroom, take note that these additions can lead to the inconvenience of hot water running out. Prevent this by investing in a new heater that can keep up with the increased demand for hot water.

Invest in the right vent

For a master bath remodel, installing a quiet vent that won’t wake up your partner when you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night is ideal. For the powder room, a standard fan will do. As for the family and/or guest bath, choose a vent with a mid-range noise level. The moral of the story is, not all bathroom fans are created equal. 

Prevent frozen pipes

There are three key ways to prevent frozen pipes in the bathroom. First, fixtures and plumbing should not be placed on exterior walls. Second, pipes in the first floor bathroom should be installed through the floor, instead of through the wall. Third, if pipes need to run through the wall, these should be installed on the inner side of the insulation.

As always Turek’s plumbing is here to solve all of your fox valley plumbing problems, we also offer bathroom remodel services so feel free to reach out to us for an estimate or design meeting.

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